Open Plan Living with Bifold Doors

Open plan living is the signature style choice for new homes, with new builds having fluid layouts that are designed to suit a family’s needs. To ensure the correct open plan living style is chosen, it should be well considered and utilise the combined space to its full potential. There are so many ways that you can make the most out of a property’s space to suit the homeowner’s needs.

An open plan living area is the best way to create a sociable, modern, free-flowing house. They require careful planning to ensure a large space is created without making the area feel cold and unwelcoming.

If the open plan living option isn’t possible, replacing a wall or traditional doors with bifold doors can help give the illusion of an open layout, while the option for a division to be put in place is still possible.

Add an Extra Room to your Build

With bifold doors, a house can be opened and connected to the garden to give the impression of an extension of the property. By creating this seamless link, it can create a family orientated space in the summer months and increase the warmth of the property at cooler times. All year round, it can also increase the amount of light entering the property when the doors are closed and offer views of the outdoors.

The removal of an outer wall and installation of a bifold door connection to the garden also helps to create a sense of space and the feeling of increased square footage. As well as it helping to make the most of a house’s space, it is more affordable and less disruptive than building an extension, and no garden space will be lost.

Open Plan Kitchen with Bifold Doors

Popular designs include an open plan kitchen connecting to outdoor space. This allows eating and food preparation areas to be illuminated by natural light. If the bifold doors open outwards, more kitchen space can be created giving the impression of an extension.

If there is an island in the kitchen, the extra space created by bifold doors will allow easy movement around the entire island. It also develops a focal point for a food and drinks area, when socialising and hosting dinner parties in the summer.

Installing bifold doors in a kitchen might significantly change how a room is used as well as where furniture is positioned. The section in front of the doors may need to be left clear to allow full access to the garden, or on the other hand, the dining table might be placed here so the outdoors can be enjoyed from indoors.

How to Design the Perfect Open Plan Space for Your Project

An open plan living setting can make a home feel brighter and more spacious. However, if not planned or designed right, it can leave a large space looking too busy, or even the opposite, too empty. The idea of dedicating one big room to more than one function can appear daunting as specific areas must be devoted to certain purposes.

Here are some tips for installing an open plan area:

  • Adjust furniture

Placing furniture in a way that creates zones is an ideal way of retaining the openness of a room while providing a direct purpose to the area. For example, situating a dining table or sofa in front of bifold doors allows outdoor views to be enjoyed by the homeowner.

  • Create room dividers

Dividing a room with physical partitions is an obvious way to section off areas. This could be using a bookcase or a large sofa to create divisions throughout the room.

  • Use different colours

Colour is a great way to define areas within a large space. By using different colours throughout the room, it is easier to differentiate between the purposes of the areas within the room and the structure it follows.


A house-to-garden connection is a stunning way of transforming a project into a stylish open living plan. If you’re interested in adding aluminium bifold doors to make the most of your project, call us on 0113 271 2122 or request a quote here.

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