More adults than ever before are working hard to make their self-build dreams a reality, with new research suggesting that 1 in 3 people are interested in designing their dream home from the ground up.

For many self-builders, their dream home starts with a breath-taking or quirky plot of land, offering sweeping views, or intriguing vistas that often influence the design of the property itself. This concept of bringing the outside, inside, and connecting the property with its surrounding scenery is high on the agenda for self-builders. So, contractors wanting to tap into this market will need a strong understanding of bifold or sliding doors, to create uninterrupted panoramic openings in key living spaces.

Bringing the outside in with aluminium bifold doors

When it comes to bifold or sliding doors for self-build properties, aluminium bifold doors are a popular choice. Their slimmer profile allows for larger panes of glass and a more uninterrupted view of the surrounding landscape – perfect for self-builders in areas like the Yorkshire Dales National Park for example, who have chosen to build in an area of natural beauty.

The more panoramic experience achievable with aluminium bifold doors makes them especially popular for larger bifolding configurations – a common design choice for self-build homes built on one level.

Aluminium bifold doors are so versatile in fact, they can even be used along three entire walls of a conservatory-style room, which really widens the design envelope for self-builders looking to create a bespoke home that is connected to its surroundings.

Meeting the design requirements of self-builders with aluminium bifold doors

Contractors and installers working with self-builders must be able to offer a wide variety of configurable design extras when specifying glazing and doors. Aluminium bifold doors offer a breadth of choice to meet even the most demanding self-build design scheme. From practical options like double glazing, triple glazing and solar control, to a range of frame colours and even integral blinds.

Aluminium bifold doors for sustainable builds

Many self-builders take a sustainable pathway to the perfect home, choosing materials that are long lasting, sustainably sourced or recyclable. This criterion almost always extends to their specification of bifold or sliding doors too. Aluminium bifold doors are recyclable and doing so requires only 5 percent of the energy used when producing it from raw materials.2

This type of door is durable too, standing the test of time even in high traffic areas of the home, or in locations with adverse weather like coastal areas. Choosing building materials that are durable means the product lifecycle is longer, reducing the need for replacements, and therefore reducing the need for further manufacturing and the carbon footprint it causes.

Aluminium bifold doors – points to remember

In summary, contractors and installation specialists wanting to grow their portfolio of self-build clients should remember:

  • Connecting the property to its surroundings is high on the agenda for self-builders, and aluminium bifold doors offer a slimmer profile and larger panes of glass
  • Aluminium bifold doors are highly configurable to meet the challenging design requirements of self-builders
  • Self-builders concerned with sustainability will be reassured to learn that aluminium bifold doors are recyclable

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