When customers are weighing up the pros and cons of hinged doors compared to sliding doors, it’s important that you understand the differences, to help them purchase the right product for their home.

There are countless benefits of sliding doors, with aluminium doors proving a benefit-rich option for most modern homeowners.

Let’s look at five reasons your customers might want to choose aluminium sliding doors.

Choose aluminium sliding doors if you want to maximise space and style

One of the major benefits of sliding doors is their space saving opening mechanism. Compared to hinged doors that require a wide arc of floor space, aluminium sliding doors slide along their own narrow footprint, without encroaching on living space. This is ideal for smaller spaces or larger design-led rooms where the homeowner wants to maintain sharp lines at eye level.

Consider styling too, with the slimmer profile of aluminium sliding doors allowing for larger panes of glass, they are an ideal solution for minimalist interior themes, or for homes built to maximise the outside views.

Choose aluminium sliding doors for energy efficiency

Did you know that aluminium sliding doors are now manufactured using thermal break technology to make them extremely energy efficient?

A thermal break is an air bridge between the inner and outer layers of the frame, increasing the insulation properties of the materials. These air bridges can even be filled with insulation polyamides and gaskets to meet the specification criteria of zero-energy buildings.

Choose aluminium sliding doors for year-round ease of use

Seasonal swelling is a common problem with sliding doors and windows. Excess moisture and humidity in the air swells the frames, making them hard to open and close, and increasing the risk of glass breakage.

This isn’t a concern with aluminium sliding doors. Metals are immune to humidity, so even if the moisture in the atmosphere was to rise exponentially, these doors would work faultlessly.

Choose aluminium sliding doors for durability and safety

Safety doesn’t often spring to mind when considering the benefits of sliding doors, but in reality, aluminium sliding doors now come with a reinforced slide track, as well as multi-point locking mechanisms and toughened, shatterproof safety glass that does not yield easily to temperature changes or even intentional force.

Aluminium is an inherently strong metal and stands the test of time well even in high traffic areas of the home. It stays intact during fires too, often preventing the spread of flames and smoke better than wooden or uPVC alternatives.

Choose aluminium sliding doors to bring the outside in and maximise light

A core pillar of modern interior design is light. Flooding a space with light is usually high on the agenda for designers and homeowners, and using the slimmer profile of aluminium sliding doors, compared to uPVC or wood meets this requirement perfectly.

Using sliding doors to fill a room with natural light is a big plus for new builds and refurbishment projects, and one which comes together with the ability to create vast openings along one or even multiple walls in the home. But what about when the doors are closed? The slimmer frames on aluminium sliding doors allow for bigger panes of glass, giving a more uninterrupted view of the garden or surrounding landscape, even when the doors are shut.

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